MOL Biohyd 46 S, 200L

synthetic biodegradable hydraulic oil

1825.63  (sis. alv. 24%)

MOL Biohyd 46S is a synthetic biodegradable ester based hydraulic fluid. In the environment it decomposes within a
given time into components that are not harmful to the environment. It is compatible with most of the sealing
materials (NBR- nitrile butadiene rubber; polyurethane resins; polyacrylates; fluorinated polysiloxane and Viton type
materials). It is not compatible with natural rubber or EPDM (ethylene-propylene diene monomer). It has a higher
service lifetime compared with vegetable oil based hydraulic fluids. The biodegrading feature might diminish or
cease to exist completely if it is mixed with non biodegradable oil.

Viscosity grade: ISO VG 46
ISO 15380 HEES
SS 155434

-Mobile and industrial hydraulic systems
-On-shore equipment, boats and sluices
-Hydraulic systems of agricultural machines
-Hydraulic systems of earthmoving and forestry machines
-Equipment in water reservoirs, sewage water plan

High-level biodegradability

-Lower environmental impact
-Lower environmental impact

High viscosity index

-Safe application throughout the year
-Appropriate lubrication conditions even at extreme temperatures

Outstanding wear protection

-Reliable long-term operation, even in equipment exposed to heavy
loads at high pressures
-Long equipment lifetime

Good shear stability

-Preserves viscosity for a long period

Excellent corrosion protection

-Extreme long term protection of steel and non-ferrous metal parts Long machine lifetime, so reduced maintenance cost
-Effectively contributes to potential reduction of maintenance costs

Miscible with mineral and
vegetable oil based hydraulic

-In case of mixing, the oil charge can still be used, but the biodegradability may be reduced or eventually lost
-In case of mixing particular attention should be paid to the condition of seals